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Have a Miraculous New Year!


Best wishes for a blessed and joyous new year, and I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true!


Put the Pieces Together


Life is like a puzzle. When all the pieces come together and everything makes sense, you will finally learn personal truth.  There are only a few key pieces to the puzzle, but they are quite significant and life-changing. The most important piece to the puzzle is a positive mental attitude. This is what you believe about yourself, others, and life. Your life will be so much better when you keep your thoughts on the positive side. Although your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions impact your health and physical being tremendously, the other critical pieces are: a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. What goes into the body should be nourishing and nutritious to keep the body functioning. You must move your body around to keep the positive energy flowing and of course rest to reenergize. The last piece to the puzzle is mindful meditation. Meditation helps you to quiet your mind, deal with your thoughts, and to become more “aware” of your inner most being. Meditation connects your inner power with the Creator/universe/God. This is when you listen to receive guidance, clarity, and direction for life.

Excellence vs. Perfection


I have always believed perfectionism was a good thing and that we must strive to be perfect in everything we do. I have discovered that perfection is not attainable and that no one is perfect (except for our Creator). Life can be very frustrating for a perfectionist. I know, because I am a recovering perfectionist. Before, I wanted my life to be perfect, but now, my goal is to be happy. I continue to learn to be the best I can be and achieve what I can at the highest level possible (excellence) which is good enough for me!  Psychologist Thomas Greenspon quoted the following differences between excellence and perfectionism in his book, “Moving Past Perfect:

  • “Excellence is risk. Perfection is fear.
  • Excellence is effort. Perfection is anger and frustration.
  • Excellence is openness to being wrong. Perfection is having to be right.
  • Excellence is spontaneity. Perfection is control.
  • Excellence is flow. Perfectionism is pressure.
  • Excellence is confidence. Perfectionism is doubt.
  • Excellence is a journey. Perfectionism is destination.
  • Excellence is acceptance. Perfectionism is judgement.
  • Excellence is encouraging. Perfection is criticizing.”

Here are a few more to consider that I’ve read elsewhere:

  • Excellence is surrender. Perfectionism is consuming.
  • Excellence is trust. Perfection is selfishness.

Dr. Greenspon also stated, “Perfectionism does not determine success — talent, energy, and commitment do.  Perfectionists are successful despite their perfectionism — not because of it.”

Celebrate the Season

Celebrate the Season

As we come together for different celebrations around the world during this holiday season, let’s keep one thing in mind.  Love.  Choose to love people for who they truly are.  Choose to love people regardless of their race, color, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, profession, political beliefs, etc.  Love is pure, love is positive, and love is powerful.  Love your Creator, love yourself, love everyone, and love life.


Closed Door


I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “when one door closes another door opens.”  We have to remember that when that door closes, everything is going to be fine.  Our Creator intended to close that door for a very good purpose.  Sometimes we tend to forget and become anxious and discouraged.  We need to be patient and have faith and trust until the other door is opened.  There is perfect timing for everything.  We should be grateful for closed doors and opened doors.  Because our Creator would never close one door without opening another.

One Source


We may have different beliefs about who created us and how we were originally created.  But we arrived here on this planet as human beings from one source and there is no denying that.  Does it really matter how we got here or what we label our Creator?  The most important part of life is to be grateful for it and make the best of it.  We need to remember that we are all in this together.