Monthly Archives: August 2014

Making an Effort

Seneca Rocks

Two people on top of the rock at Seneca Rocks.

When someone is making an effort to improve their life, encourage them!  Give them that little nudge they may need to push forward.  We all love when other people recognize our efforts.  It gives us confidence to want to continue to do more and be more.  Be that positive influence for someone today.  Do what you can to help them, lift them up, and tell them to keep on going.  Let’s help those who are willing to help themselves.  It’s all worth the effort!


Why There is Fear


We have all experienced fear.  Many people don’t like change because of fear of the unknown. Fear of death is a very deep common fear.  When we have lack of faith, we experience fear.  Fear is the result of being separated or disconnected from the source of our creation.  Once we establish that connection again, we feel more secure and at peace.  The solution to overcoming fear is to stay connected!  I hope you have a calm, peaceful day.

Stay on Your Toes!


If you were to ask me what is the most important thing you can do to change your life for the better, my answer would be to control your thoughts. Your thoughts create your life. This I know for sure. Here is a very simple analysis. Positive thoughts attract positive people/things/actions into your life, and of course, negative thoughts attract the opposite. The trick is… you must constantly be aware of what you are thinking. Do not believe any negative thoughts about yourself, other people, or any situation. Try this today, and see how your day goes. Stay on your toes, because you will be challenged!



We are all artists. What are you designing new in your life? Is it a lovely garden or new house? Is it a delicious meal or maybe a different hairstyle? How about an inspirational quote or a beautiful painting? What are you waiting for? Use your own imagination and go create! It’s the best part of life!



Words have power so be careful what you say.  You can’t take back what you say, so say something good. Words come from your thoughts.  What are you thinking right now?  Are you thinking positive thoughts?  Here are some powerful words to use after “I am:”  STRONG, COURAGEOUS, CAPABLE, ALIVE, CREATIVE, DETERMINED, and CONFIDENT.  Be kind to yourself and everyone you come in contact with today.

Being Grateful


I was driving to work this morning, and I was thinking about everything I am grateful for.  I am so grateful for everyone who has been part of my life.  Thank you for you!  I am so grateful that I can sit here and actually document my thoughts.  I am so grateful that you are willing to read what I have to say.  I am so grateful that I have the desire to help people understand more about life.  I appreciate all that I am.  I am so grateful for this very moment.