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You Have Everything



Fairy Fabulousness



So my neighbors were setting off fireworks last evening, and I happened to take this picture. The shape in the sky certainly resembled a fairy. Since I look for signs from my Creator, I Googled fairy to learn what it symbolizes. I read different beliefs and mythology but of course was attracted to the more positive descriptions.

“Fairies are known to represent beauty and femininity as most fairies are depicted as female with wings (wings being the symbol of freedom and liberation) hence the liberation of females or a symbol of female strength. The wings of the fairy can also denote spirituality. The wings of the fairy are its most striking and outstanding feature, it is what sets them apart from the other beings of the corporeal realm and wings are often depicted as the manifestation of the human psyche.

It is also known that fairies can denote a sort of childlike or innocent state in a person as most accounts of fairies are made by little children whose innocent state enables their psychic abilities to perceive such creatures better than the adult mind which is tainted with preconceptions and practicality.”

Feel Good Now


Esther Abraham Hicks is an amazing American inspirational speaker and author.   Below is one of my favorite recordings, “Living Happily Ever After.”  Please listen and enjoy her words of encouragement!


Manifest Your Desires


This day doesn’t have to be your birthday to make a wish.  I want you to close your eyes right now and purposely think of something you want.  To test this process, let’s start with something simple.  I simply asked for a connection with a dear friend who I have known for many years.  Now let go of the thought and forget about it.  What I mean is don’t dwell on it or keep asking for it or wondering whether or not it’s going to come true.  To speed up the process, stay positive and believe with all your heart that it will happen with absolutely no doubt.  You can even act like it has happened or you’ve received it already and be very thankful.  Continue with your normal, daily activities, but stay fully focused in the present moment throughout the days ahead.  I am so excited for us right now, because this is part of what life is all about.  Stay tuned my friends. I am wishing you a joy-filled life!