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Make Your Wish



Some People Never Change


No matter how much we hope and wish for and try to inspire a certain person to change, it’s just not going to happen until it’s their time (if it ever comes). I know it gets frustrating, but we have to let them be who they are. What we can do is focus on their positives, lead by example, and continue to improve ourselves. ¬†ūüôā

Manifest Your Desires


This day¬†doesn’t have to be your birthday to make a wish.¬†¬†I want you¬†to close your eyes right now and purposely think of something you want.¬† To test this process, let’s start with something simple.¬† I simply asked for a connection¬†with¬†a dear friend who I have known for many years.¬† Now let¬†go of the thought¬†and forget about it.¬† What I mean is don’t dwell on it or keep asking for it or wondering whether or not it’s going to come true.¬† To speed up the process, stay positive and believe with all your heart that it will happen with absolutely no doubt.¬† You can¬†even act like it has happened or you’ve received it already and be very thankful.¬† Continue with your normal, daily activities, but stay fully focused in the present moment throughout the days ahead.¬† I am so excited for us right now, because this is part of what life is all about.¬† Stay tuned my friends.¬†I am wishing you a joy-filled life!

Greatest Teacher


Do you ever wish you could go back to a younger age in life?¬†¬†I’ve heard many people say they wish they were younger but¬†only if they knew then what they know now.¬† What do you know now?¬† Have your learned from your past experiences?¬† Experiences can sting us and teach us not to do that again or positive experiences can motivate us to keep doing what we‚Äôre doing.¬† We learn more from our experiences than anything no matter if they‚Äôre good or bad. ¬†Experiences are our greatest teachers.¬† Oscar Wilde wrote this great quote:

‚ÄúExperience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.‚ÄĚ