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My Interpretation of Love



Be a Positive Influence


Give someone a compliment today.  Lift someone up.  Encourage someone to keep moving forward.  Inspire someone to become better.  Motivate someone to be creative and productive.  It’s such a good feeling when you can totally change someone’s day for the better just by being a positive influence.  (Thank you Traci for the seashell.)



They’re at it Again!


I encourage everyone to take advantage and register for this FREE 21-day meditation experience beginning 7/13/2015:  Manifesting Grace through Gratitude.  Visit https://chopracentermeditation.com for more information.  Thank you so much Oprah & Deepak for making this world a better place!


Love Yourself


Why are we so hard on ourselves?  Sometimes we treat other people better than we treat ourselves.  At times, we may feel we’re not good enough.  We need to focus on progression instead of perfection.  Accept yourself, be kind and gentle with yourself, lift yourself up, respect yourself, believe in yourself, encourage yourself, be grateful for yourself, and love yourself!

Making an Effort

Seneca Rocks

Two people on top of the rock at Seneca Rocks.

When someone is making an effort to improve their life, encourage them!  Give them that little nudge they may need to push forward.  We all love when other people recognize our efforts.  It gives us confidence to want to continue to do more and be more.  Be that positive influence for someone today.  Do what you can to help them, lift them up, and tell them to keep on going.  Let’s help those who are willing to help themselves.  It’s all worth the effort!