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Do Your Own Thing



Anthony J. Parise Art Gallery


Super proud of my talented brother!  He is an artist in Los Angeles.  Below are some pictures of his beautiful, contemporary pieces.  His latest piece is a tabletop he designed for a couple who is opening an art gallery in Redondo Beach. His paintings are now hanging in the Virga Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.  If you want to check them out, here is their website:  http://virgaart.com/.  Click on the menu, and under Guest Artworks, click Anthony Parise. Thank you!  Stay creative!


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Be a Positive Influence


Give someone a compliment today.  Lift someone up.  Encourage someone to keep moving forward.  Inspire someone to become better.  Motivate someone to be creative and productive.  It’s such a good feeling when you can totally change someone’s day for the better just by being a positive influence.  (Thank you Traci for the seashell.)



Breathe Deeply


We all have busy lives that could lead to stress and anxiety.  It’s good to stay motivated and creative, but we have to stop sometimes and just “be.”  Be quiet, be still, and be grateful.  Calm yourself down, close your eyes to take your attention away from the outside world, and now slowly, take a few long, deep breaths.  Repeat this breathing process until you can feel yourself completely letting go.  This is when you will feel the peace and tranquility within.