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Being Honorable


My definition of an honorable person is someone who is righteous, trustworthy, compassionate, and shows respect for others. A person of honor is fair and forgiving, takes responsibility for his/her own actions, keeps promises, and maintains composure during difficult situations. A person who earns an honest living and is willing to help others is being honorable. When these values are practiced, much respect from others will be gained, and there will be a spiritual peaceful feeling within.


Getting the Tap


When we are aligned with our source and have faith and love in our lives, everything seems to go smoothly.  When we break away from these values and go down the negative path, we will get a slight ‘tap.’  The tap is to remind us to correct our behavior.  The tap will get stronger and stronger until we start making positive changes in our lives.  When we ignore the tap, we will continue to attract negative energy.