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What is Spirituality?


Spirituality is when we become aware of the spiritual essence within ourselves and everyone else.  Spirituality is the practice of connecting and aligning our inner most being with a divine power greater than ourselves.  We are connected in such a way that we allow this greater power to guide us in life.  When we consistently practice spirituality, we will develop a deeper connection with our source and the better we will become.  The more aligned we are, the less pain and suffering we will experience.


Getting the Tap


When we are aligned with our source and have faith and love in our lives, everything seems to go smoothly.  When we break away from these values and go down the negative path, we will get a slight ‘tap.’  The tap is to remind us to correct our behavior.  The tap will get stronger and stronger until we start making positive changes in our lives.  When we ignore the tap, we will continue to attract negative energy.