Stay on Your Toes!


If you were to ask me what is the most important thing you can do to change your life for the better, my answer would be to control your thoughts. Your thoughts create your life. This I know for sure. Here is a very simple analysis. Positive thoughts attract positive people/things/actions into your life, and of course, negative thoughts attract the opposite. The trick is… you must constantly be aware of what you are thinking. Do not believe any negative thoughts about yourself, other people, or any situation. Try this today, and see how your day goes. Stay on your toes, because you will be challenged!


About deborah parise

My mission in life has always been to encourage and uplift as many people as possible. I became passionate about spirituality and the law of attraction several years ago. I desperately wanted to know more about myself and how to become better. Through my actual life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom, I have come to know the true meaning of life. I have learned that our life experiences are our greatest teachers. I am doing what I love best... inspiring others to become who they really are and to fulfill their purpose in life. We must realize that PEACE, LOVE, and LIGHT are within each and every one of us, always. Let us unite as one; support and help each other, and make a difference in this beautiful world. I wish you abundant joy and success in all that you do! ~deborah~

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  1. really do enjoy these posts deb. I’ve been re-reading the secret too. It is a constant struggle to fight the negative thoughts but so worth it. Mom is doing a bit better. Roe & I are stilling taking turns staying with her. Want 2 get a medical alert device 4 her….it will make US feel better. Take care & keep up the good work. Oh & let me know the details about the sale at your moms place.

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