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God’s Will



Voices in Your Head


Many of us have multiple voices in our heads. Sometimes, those voices can be extremely convincing and believable. I want to caution you that there is really only one voice that is authentic and real that you should pay attention to. The voice that speaks to you softly with love and gentleness is the one to trust and believe. This voice works in conjunction with your intuition and will lift your spirit and encourage you to follow your heart.  It will never be demanding or critical, cause fear or disorder, or bring up past issues.  Choose to listen to that quiet, still, small voice. ❤

Breathe Deeply


We all have busy lives that could lead to stress and anxiety.  It’s good to stay motivated and creative, but we have to stop sometimes and just “be.”  Be quiet, be still, and be grateful.  Calm yourself down, close your eyes to take your attention away from the outside world, and now slowly, take a few long, deep breaths.  Repeat this breathing process until you can feel yourself completely letting go.  This is when you will feel the peace and tranquility within.