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Quit Your Whining


Complaining will get you nowhere, but action will get you everywhere ~ dp.  When you keep complaining about what is not working in your life, you will continue to attract more problems. Quit focusing on the problem, and figure out what you can do to change the situation. Start taking the necessary steps to resolve the issue, and everything will flow accordingly.  Take action and believe that things will work out. You will see how quickly your life will turn around!


Voices in Your Head


Many of us have multiple voices in our heads. Sometimes, those voices can be extremely convincing and believable. I want to caution you that there is really only one voice that is authentic and real that you should pay attention to. The voice that speaks to you softly with love and gentleness is the one to trust and believe. This voice works in conjunction with your intuition and will lift your spirit and encourage you to follow your heart.  It will never be demanding or critical, cause fear or disorder, or bring up past issues.  Choose to listen to that quiet, still, small voice. ❤

Storms will Pass


I bet there have been times when you have been completely overwhelmed with issues going on in life.  Be grateful anyway.  Blessings come in many forms and may come in disguise.  Remember God is good and working behind the scenes for us.  Sometimes we’ll figure out why things happened the way they did, but sometimes we’ll never know.   We still have to have faith in God and in ourselves.  Everything is in order and as planned.

Storms will pass.

Liam watching the storm.