We are Connected

We are Connected

Everyone and everything was created by the same source.  Therefore, we are all connected to the source by the same source energy.  This source energy is in human beings, animals, trees, plants, etc.  Animals have a very close connection with the source.  They are unlike humans who sometimes allow their minds or thoughts to get in the way of their connection.  I have an adorable little Maltese named Oscar.  We may not behave the same or have the same physical attributes, but we definitely have a spiritual connection.  He is such a loving and faithful little guy.  He is my best friend.


About deborah parise

My mission in life has always been to encourage and uplift as many people as possible. I became passionate about spirituality and the law of attraction several years ago. I desperately wanted to know more about myself and how to become better. Through my actual life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom, I have come to know the true meaning of life. I have learned that our life experiences are our greatest teachers. I am doing what I love best... inspiring others to become who they really are and to fulfill their purpose in life. We must realize that PEACE, LOVE, and LIGHT are within each and every one of us, always. Let us unite as one; support and help each other, and make a difference in this beautiful world. I wish you abundant joy and success in all that you do! ~deborah~

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