Fairy Fabulousness



So my neighbors were setting off fireworks last evening, and I happened to take this picture. The shape in the sky certainly resembled a fairy. Since I look for signs from my Creator, I Googled fairy to learn what it symbolizes. I read different beliefs and mythology but of course was attracted to the more positive descriptions.

“Fairies are known to represent beauty and femininity as most fairies are depicted as female with wings (wings being the symbol of freedom and liberation) hence the liberation of females or a symbol of female strength. The wings of the fairy can also denote spirituality. The wings of the fairy are its most striking and outstanding feature, it is what sets them apart from the other beings of the corporeal realm and wings are often depicted as the manifestation of the human psyche.

It is also known that fairies can denote a sort of childlike or innocent state in a person as most accounts of fairies are made by little children whose innocent state enables their psychic abilities to perceive such creatures better than the adult mind which is tainted with preconceptions and practicality.”


About deborah parise

My mission in life has always been to encourage and uplift as many people as possible. I became passionate about spirituality and the law of attraction several years ago. I desperately wanted to know more about myself and how to become better. Through my actual life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom, I have come to know the true meaning of life. I have learned that our life experiences are our greatest teachers. I am doing what I love best... inspiring others to become who they really are and to fulfill their purpose in life. We must realize that PEACE, LOVE, and LIGHT are within each and every one of us, always. Let us unite as one; support and help each other, and make a difference in this beautiful world. I wish you abundant joy and success in all that you do! ~deborah~

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